Use of OpenID in Comment Column On Blog How Big Influence

Use of OpenID comments in comment field on blog, for those of you blogspot users there, especially beginners on the blog sometimes they do not memoderator comments the visitors of his blog, so anyone can comment by leaving the active link on the blog.

Leave traces after visiting ( blog walking ) sometimes many people like to leave a trail by placing an active link on the blog. Bagi anda pengguna adsense, malicious your account against the active link? if seen from the adsense policy, where your blog is not allowed to place outbound links where the link leads to adult sites.

Some days there is a google plus forum thread that becomes viral with a total of 85 comments, This thread discusses the good or bad use of the open ID comment field on your blog, This thread was popularized by +Mas Kojek  one of the senior members in the group Indonesian Adsense Publisher Discussion ( IAPD ).

Use of OpenID in Comment Column On Blog How Big Influence
Comment snippet from mas kojek

Some responses from the members of the IAPD group and answers from them:

+fandi guritno  Said: If I use open ID as well, for all comments I am moderating. Risks also if later open his id leads to the site of the komengtator who turned out to be an adult site.

+Mas Kojek  response from the owner of the tread: fandi guritno so it should be in moderation, we must be vigilant on the site visitors also yes master. Do not publish his comments before they are completely clean from adult sites? To make sure we need to visit the website first or there is another way?

Comment snippet from fandi guritno

+Bang Izal Toys  come along add this interesting discussion. It means horror also yes if there are comments from blogs related to adult sites, indeed the effect of what for our blog?

+fandi guritno Because comments are part of the content of the blog page, if there is a comment that leads there, more or less the same as we put external links ( referral link ) to the "adult" site.

Comment snippet from bang ijal toys

+Nino Artikel  OpenID comments based on my own thoughts. Regardless of right or wrong, it gives open access.

Blog us as a bath, and our water as spiderbot. So if openID is enabled, everyone can automatically make holes in the tub.

Comment snippet from Nino artikel

+Mase Teguh if I prefer to have a comment wear openID, so if you want to follow or respond back, not necessarily get around to the profile of blogger or google plus to search for his blog.

Comment snippet from mase teguh

Those are some comments from IAPD members that create a viral thread about using OpenID comment fields that are being colonized by +Mas Kojek  is gokil. Hopefully you are more wise to comment on other people's blogs and more alert again when giving free access to comment on your blog.

3 Responses to "Use of OpenID in Comment Column On Blog How Big Influence"

  1. Ngobrolin apa nih bro. Tentang komentar ya. ?

    1. Ia tentang diskusi seputar adsense, seru

  2. Eh ada janda lewat barusan, hahaha jum atan dulu mas bro


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